About Us

We believe in maximizing efficiency.

We have created software solutions for more than a decade. As a growing company in a challenging environment we realized we needed to be prudent with the resources we had. We needed to ensure that we were running as efficiently as possible, eliminating as much waste as possible.

In creating MyDocPack, we developed a solution that can pass those benefits to you.

Our Process

Plan what you need.

The first step is to examine the current flow of paper in your company and how that paperwork comes together and is delivered to the client. If you would like, we can sit down with you and discuss how we have helped other companies eliminate these inefficiencies. You will be suprised at the possibilities.

Implement the plan.

The next step is as simple as signing up and setting up some key information. You can set up an inbox where you can receive documents from third parties directly to the project where it belongs.

Realize the savings

Watch over the next several months as your company grows increasingly familiar with MyDocPack. Their ability to gather and distribute documents will become seamless and efficient freeing them up to produce more product. We will be constantly making improvements which you will benefit from for years to come.