Bureau Consolidated View

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Bureau Consolidated View

Equifax, Transunion and Experian bureau formats are vastly different and have specialized codes that can make decoding them a slow process. If your business is national you know that certain geographical areas are better reported by certain bureaus than others. It’s important to have all the relevant data when making a decision.

Why a consolidated view?

Readability - It's much better to standardize the different bureau formats into one consistent format that your staff becomes very familiar with. Important data elements can be enlarged and highlighted. Graphics and icons can be used to set key data apart.

Prioritization - An organization knows what credit data is most important. These tradelines and data elements can be sorted so the most relevant data is displayed at the top.

Summarization - Bureaus typically summarize data, but that doesn't mean it is useful to a particular organization. Custom credit summaries can be created to exclude certain kinds of credit if necessary (student loans, mortgages...)


  • Display merged tradeline data and public records.
  • Custom Credit Summaries
  • Tradeline relevancy sort
  • Mark important data with custom icons
  • Graphical Payment History
  • Current Payment Status (30/60/90 late)
  • Link to original bureau format
  • Detailed explanations for bureau specific codes.
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