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Centralized Patient Care Data Management System

The Centralized Patient Care Data Management System (CPCDMS) is a computer database application that allows Ryan White funded agencies and other users to share client eligibility information and to document services delivered to clients. CPCDMS also provides information needed to evaluate client health outcomes.

In 1998 the Ryan White Planning Council for the Houston eligible metropolitan area (EMA) decided that there was a need for a client-level reporting system. There were several capabilities that the Council desired: compiling and tracking service utilization, centralizing client intake, supporting a unit cost based reimbursement structure, assisting in the coordination of client care, and decreasing administrative burden on the service providers.


  • Initial community hesitancy to collect data on HIV+/AIDS clients
  • Streamline data collection for HIV at-risk population, especially those consumers with little to no technical computer skills
  • Streamline data collection for community-based organizations (CBO) that receive grant money from Health Care Department

Key Statistics...

  • ~$20 million in services managed annually
  • More than 30,000 HIV+/AIDS clients within greater Harris County, Texas, have been registered with the system since 1999
  • ~4 million service encounters have been recorded since 1999
  • More than 45 unique CBOs have participated, with ~320 total users from various CBOs or government agencies
  • Assist in:
    • increased access to care for HIV+ community. A 9.6% increase in unduplicated clients in fiscal year 2011 was recorded, along with a 30.7% increase of new clients for primary medical care services. *
    • maintaining current clients in care
    • Reducing or eliminating disparities in care
    • Improving/maintaining quality of care. 93% of clients increased or maintained their CD4 counts over a 12 month reporting period.


  • Bulk Import/Export
    • CBO comma-separated-value import from various data sources (e.g., text, MS Access, SQL)
    • XML export to Texas Dept of State Health Services' ARIES system
    • XML export to U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services' RSR system
  • Integration with Various Reporting Platforms
  • CBO Referral Notification

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* source: Houston EMA: FY 2012 Ryan White Part A Progress Report

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