Health Systems Integration

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Health Systems Integration

Health organizations are interacting with a greater number of data systems as each of their business processes are augmented with a different data systems. The only issue is that these systems don't always talk with each other despite the fact that they all often consume the same data to perform their various tasks. This can be frustrating because an organization will either have to enter the data multiple times or manually export the data from one system, adjust it, and import it into another system.

Patient Census?

With all of these separate silos of data, how can you really know how many patients you are serving? Who is giving you the "bird's eye view" of your organization?

How can an Integration system help?

Automation - At the very least, Novasys can often create automated services that can automatically schedule and perform the manual import and export processes, transferring the data like clockwork.

API Integration - Many expensive health systems have an Application Programming Interface (API). An API allows real-time integration. Most of these companies don't have time to tailor their systems to truly fit in your organization and enable it to talk to your other systems. This is where Novasys excels. We are system agnostic and want to create an overall solution that will make your organization efficient.

Custom Data System - Sometimes there is too much data that is not captured by existing systems. A central tailored system is needed that integrates with all the specialized data systems. This system mirrors the organizations business processes and manages all data and workflow processes ensuring that nothing gets lost and all important information is tracked.


  • HL7 integrations
  • XML API integration
  • Fully scheduled and automated solutions
  • Exception based reporting.
  • Track information that current health data systems can't
  • Receive notifications on data elements transferred between systems.
  • Send customized reports various recipients.
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