Credit Report Dashboards

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Credit Report Dashboards

Deciding who to extend credit to can be a complicated task that involves numerous calculations and heuristics. Credit bureaus contain a large amounts of data which need to be sifted for the relevant data amidst the unimportant noise.

How will a Custom Credit Dashboard help?


Key metrics - A custom credit dashboard can highlight key ratios such as Debt to Income (DTI) to help determine which customers qualify for automatic approval or automatic turn down. You can create a custom scoring system that considers derogatory trade lines, bankruptcies or other critical credit data.

Visual Indicators - Alerts, warnings and information related to your business processes and decisions can be highlighted through a variety of gauges, dials and charts.

Efficiency - Being able to assess the level of credit an applicant has with a single glance can greatly increase your organizations efficiency. Eliminate having to manually aggregate values from credit bureaus.


  • Debt to Income (DTI)
  • Payment to Income (PTI)
  • Custom Scoring
  • Visual gadgets (Dials, gauges, charts)
  • Tailored layout
  • Warning Indicators if key metrics are out of range
  • Bureau Scores
  • Total Debt by credit type (revolving, installment, etc)
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