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Many businesses have internal workflow processes. Some of these processes do not currently have external systems that monitor and track who is waiting for what piece of information. A huge opportunity is being missed by not tracking this information. This information can be analyzed and can help show where bottlenecks are in the company, where hiring is needed and where excess capacity can be found.

How does Novasys take workflow management to the next level?

System Integration - Workflows can be integrated with existing systems to receive or transmit documents that need to be approved by a business stakeholders and perform necessary actions based on the company’s unique business processes

Instant visibility - View current workflow status and the flow of data in your organization. Where is the process bogging down? What documents have been waiting for approval? For how long?


  • Multiple level signoff and authorization.
  • Associate documents and other meta information with workflow processes
  • Audit record of who signed off on what information.
  • Workflow can be role based assigned in a round robin fashion.
  • Maximum stale state before redirect to previous approver.
  • Receive escalating email notifications to reviewer or manager based on stale duration.
  • Instantly review current workflow status
  • Receive reports on workflow wait times.
  • Perform actions at various approval or rejection levels
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