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Excel as a Tool

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Excel is a widely used tool that enables companies to create files that perform automatic calculations and present data in a useful manner. Excel is also used as a basic reporting platform that allows simple display of critical data. The main issue users face when using Excel is the large amount of manual manipulation required. Whether it's copying-and-pasting data from one place to another, formatting columns so they are displayed in the correct manner, or updating calculations so they are applied to the correct data, these are all processes that take a significant amount of time for each iteration of the file.

Novasys Excel automation is capable of automating virtually every Excel function that is currently used in your manual processes. This automation will allow a user to simply click one button and run a process that currently takes hours to complete manually.

Cases for using Excel Automation

  • One Excel file needs to pull and integrate data from multiple other Excel files.
  • One Excel file is used to populate multiple Excel files with subsets of the data it contains.
  • Data from various places in an Excel file need to be consolidated and formatted on a separate sheet of that file.
  • An Excel file needs the ability to display different subsets of the same data based on user selected input.

Requirements Gathering

Simply show us the files that you currently use and the current manual process that is used to produce the final result. Novasys will use the built in VBA macro language to automate the current process.


  • Simple menu drive operation that is integrated into the Microsoft Office Ribbon.
  • Seamless operation inside your existing files, no need to re-create your file around our software.
  • Easy customization to suit the individual need of the person or group using the file.
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