Custom Data Systems

Nimble, Adaptable, Extendable

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Custom Data Systems

Most business have become successful because there is something unique with how they run their business. This allows the company to deliver results better, faster or for lower cost. Often there isn't software available that mirrors their business process. If there was, someone else would be doing it. Novasys creates tailored software that fits and changes with your business processes.

When is a tailored data system better?

When your business process is unique

You may find that many systems satisfy 80% of your needs. But most are missing that remaining extra 20% that is specific to your business. It’s the part that makes you different and better than other companies. If you can automate, analyze and report on that part of your business you can only get better.

When you have multiple existing systems that don't work with each other

Sometimes you have two different systems that are used for two critical but different parts of your business. You need to figure out how you can get the two systems to work together. Novasys creates solutions that integrate other systems together increasing the overall value and reducing headaches with trying to manually keep the systems in sync.

When your business changes on a yearly, monthly or even weekly basis

In many industries it’s important to be first to address changes in your operating environment. You may be able to create manual processes that address these changes, but how long will it take for you software take to catch up and work with your business process?

Why Novasys?

Our proprietary system generator jump starts the process. We don't start from scratch, we can have a working data system that manages most of your data elements within just a few hours. We can then focus on the unique parts of your business and design a fully tailored system that meets your needs.


  • Notification system for you or your clients
  • Workflow engine to support and approval process for documents or items in your business.
  • Google maps integration
  • Integration with various reporting platforms
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Flexible user interface that can be branded to your company
  • Whatever else you require… It’s a tailored system
  • BPM process management that fits you, not force fitting you into another mold
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