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Lead Tracking


When your business relies on tracking customers through the sales process, it is critical that your software is intuitive and reliable. Lead tracking systems can have a variety of options built into them to suit the needs of your business. Things such as how leads are assigned to your sales people and what metrics will be used for later reporting among other things need to be considered when designing your tracking system.

A good lead tracking system allows your management to understand what is working and what needs to be changed in your sales process. It also allows your sales force to be more confident in the current state of the lead when making initial and follow-up contact attempts.

Our main areas of lead tracking development:

  • Ability to import leads that are generated and referred from a third party source.
  • Ability to automatically assign leads to sales employees based on your defined logic.
  • Intuitive user interface that allows user to update status of lead and add pertinent information.
  • Possible integration with your sales software to automatically import lead data, eliminating manual data entry.
  • Ability to report on history and current status of leads, allowing you to fine-tune your sales process.

Sales Tool

When a sales person begins to finalize a sale with a customer, the software they use must be responsive, allowing him/her to quickly and easily provide the customer with available options and close the sale. Our software provides your sales force with the ability to quickly determine the best product/service for the customer they are working with and close the sale while they have the customer's attention.

Using sales software that makes things easy prevents loss of customers due to time consuming processes or inability to quickly determine the best product for him/her. Our software will streamline your process so the time between customer contact to closing a sale is minimized, maximizing customer retention.


  • Ability to integrate with a third party rating/pricing service.
  • Ability to quickly present customer with different available options.
  • Integration with ACH and credit card payment services allowing user to charge customer from inside the application.
  • Automatic contract/document generation.
  • Automatically send emails to customers based on certain actions in the process.
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