Patient Intake & Routing

Reduce Paperwork Reduce Errors Tracking

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Patient Intake & Routing

Electronic forms are everywhere and they are reducing paperwork and helping employees from having re-key information from handwritten forms. Patient intake is one of the areas that can leverage the use of electronic forms. Not only does it reduce the effort needed from a clinics staff, but it also helps avoid errors and streamlines the entire intake process by routing the client to the appropriate service based on risk factors.

Areas where an intake system can help


Registration - Client registration can be entered completely by the patient when they arrive at your clinic. A kiosk can be made available that will guide the patient through the forms that need to be completed. Upon completion any hardcopies that are needed can automatically be printed for record keeping

Risk Assessment - Any paper forms that are currently used to indicate risk behaviors or client history can be created and then filled out by the patient. This data can be tracked and monitored however the clinic deems necessary

Clinical Decisioning - A clinic can create sets of rules to route patients to certain services based on risk behaviors and responses to risk assessments or questionnaires.


  • convert paper forms to electronic forms
  • alerts based on certain criteria
  • create reports through a variety of platforms
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Monitor clinic performance through a variety of metrics
  • Forms can be altered as needed
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