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Hands-off data conversion and transfer

Cauldron is an easy add-on to any of your existing business processes. It requires no extra hardware or software to manage. Securely upload or email your file to Cauldron and it will transform the file to the required format and send it where you need it to go.

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  • Easy to setup - Send us your current data format and the format that is needed
  • Easy to Use - Simply email or upload the file.
  • Easy to Maintain - Need an additional format or recipient? No worries, send us the new format and we will take care of it for you.

Signs Cauldron could save you time...

  • You are hand converting a spreadsheet every week, month or year.
  • You have different stakeholders that require your data periodically in different formats.
  • You have new reporting requirements.
  • You are using an xml editor to create data files.


Novasys Cauldron is a simple yet effective service that takes care of the data conversion while you maintain control. With a one-time setup process we will create a solution that will work for you year in and year out... no more double data entry.


  • Files can be uploaded over a SSL connection to protect sensitive data
  • One or more recipients can be configured to securely retrieve the file.
  • Notifications will be sent after a file has been transformed
  • View history of when other parties received/downloaded the transformed file
  • Receive validation messages if the original file is incomplete or incorrect
  • Multiple formats such as Excel, CSV, XML and PDF are supported.
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