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A picture is worth a thousand words and the same can be said of dashboards. Good dashboards succinctly paint a picture of the underlying data. With very large amounts of data it becomes hard to monitor the important metrics. A good dashboard provides the company with well communicated clear goals of what the company is striving for.

What areas can a dashboard help?


Company financials - Create a dashboard that follows your key performance indicators. Display current cash flow, 52 week revenue or earnings extracted directly from your accounting system.

Production issues - View current hours worked or items shipped per number of employees at any time. If you have the data store in your system, a dashboard element can be created to track it. Identify strategic decision points well ahead of time to keep your business operating efficiently.

Communication - Automatically send dashboard summaries on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring all stakeholders know the current performance metrics and any issues impacting the company.


  • Create dashboards from metrics found in your current data systems.
  • Create thresholds which alerts will be sent to key stakeholders.
  • Use a variety of widgets such as gauges, dials and graphs to communicate companywide important metric goals and what their current values are.
  • Send notifications or metric reports to interested parties.
  • Central secure website that can consolidate all company metrics.
  • Drill down metrics to subdivisions within a company.
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